The White Lady – A Tapestry of Crook Hall (Theatre in the Hall) Sunday 22nd October 2017



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Theatre in the Hall

800 years are captured within the walls of Crook Hall. 800 years of history.  800 years of love and war, life and death… 

The White Lady sees it all. She knows it all, can touch it all.  She sees the living and she sees the dead, and she hears the echoes between past and present. 

But what secrets does she long to uncover?

Specially written and produced by Timeworks Theatre for Crook Hall’s 800th anniversary, ‘The White Lady – A Tapestry of Crook Hall’ is a play about time, history and our links with the past.  It is set entirely in Crook Hall’s medieval hall, and incorporates its rich history and unique legend in the telling of an atmospheric and haunting tale.

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